• the Pluimers guarantee:
  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

  • The best (jointless) insulation method
  • Considerable savings are realised fast
  • Immediate insulation without the mess

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About Pluimers

Pluimers Isolatie has been a major player on the insulation market since acute demand for energy-saving measures due to the 1973 oil crisis, and is now European market leader. With our slogan "De heren die beter isoleren" ("the insulation master") we insulate homes, buildings, stadiums, barns, storage tanks, ships and a host of other objects. We do this with the use of wind-tight two-component spray, which will completely jointlessly insulate every structure (floor, cavity, exterior wall, roof), and which can be finished with a coating if so desired.

Our organisation is compact and flexible. Agreements are scheduled centrally and quality is monitored remotely. Furthermore, we have a revolutionary quotation system. We guarantee quick delivery times throughout Europe.


The mobile unit of Pluimers Isolatie
To be able to work onsite, we use an ultra-modern fleet. Every truck has its own power and air supply and is as such entirely self-supporting. This mobile unit enables you to combat energy loss to a maximum extent, guaranteeing an economic result. We continue to win our spurs in every field, as developments at Pluimers Isolatie are not at a standstill, on the contrary. Existing insulation techniques are continuously further refined and improved, new techniques are being developed. This is done in close cooperation with TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Bouwcentrum (Building Information Centre) and IKOB-BKB (Institute for Building Materials Testing and Research - BV Kwaliteitsverklaringen Bouw).


This all serves to continue to provide for any insulation demand, no matter how specific, and to enable us to provide you with the best possible service in terms of reducing your energy costs and increasing your level of comfort for living and/or working. The choice is obvious: Pluimer Insulation of Rijssen is the right partner for insulation, both from a private and business point of view.

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