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  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

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Increasing the value of your home

Energielabel.jpgIn times of crisis, it is nice to know that the value of your home will increase if you have it insulated. Insulation affects the energy label of your home, and as such it may increase the assessed value of your home.


To what extent will the energy label change?
The extent of an energy label change can be calculated by an EPA advisor. Such an advisor will charge between € 250.00 and € 300.00 for a customised advice. This may be an expensive investment, but it will make clear whether the ultimate goal - increasing the value of your home - is feasible.


Why does insulation increase the value of my home?
An increasing number of people demand to be fully and correctly informed about the purchase of a home. They want to know if they can carry the burden of the mortgage. However, it is not just the mortgage payments that determine how much a potential buyer pays on a monthly basis. Today's buyers also want to know how much energy will be consumed. The buyer is aware of the fact that the gas consumption in his new home will considerably affect his total monthly outgoings. When a home is insulated well and you are able to present a higher energy label, it will remove that objection for the buyer.


If you are interested in increasing the value of your home through insulation, please, contact us for more information and/or an appointment.

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