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Low energy costs

Bespaar_fors_op_de_energiekosten.jpgThere are several ways to save on energy, and the most popular one is to insulate your home. Different calculation methods are used for the different forms of insulation in order to express it in savings. The calculations do of course differ per building or room, depending on the type of insulation material and its thickness, and the user's pattern of heating consumption. The manner in which the insulation material is applied is also very important. When the material is not applied correctly, a lot of the heat will leak out, as a result of which your savings may be lower than expected.


Calculate how much energy you can save
There are several ways of calculating how much energy you can save. It is expressed in both percentages and in m3 of gas per m2 of insulation. Another aspect to take into account is whether or not the surface to be insulated borders on the area to be heated (the room where you actively use the heat). It is therefore not possible to make a quick calculation. Our advisors can provide you with an accurate estimate of the number of m3 of gas to be saved.


In general, the statistics are as follows;

Floor insulation              (unheated floor)   +-         6m3 per m2 insulated per year

-       Floor insulation      (heated floor)       +-         8m3 per m2 insulated per year

-       Cavity wall insulation                            +-         9m3 per m2 insulated per year

-       Roof insulation                                      +-         5m3 per m2 insulated per year

Note: the figures given are averages that are used in a so-called 'typical' situation. The figures may deviate from the actual situation upwards or downwards. In that respect, it is particularly important to know how many of the surfaces to be insulated border on the area to be heated. In a (semi) bungalow for instance, the roof will save more cubic metres, as the roof borders on the area to be heated.

Want to find out more about saving energy?
Do you want to find out how you can save even more energy? Please, contact Pluimers Isolatie. They will be able to tell you exactly how to get more return from your home.

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