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Attic floor insulation

What are the options for atticIMG_2369.JPG floor insulation?
Apart from insulating your roof, Pluimers Isolatie can also insulate your attic floor. Attic floor insulation is possible when your home has wooden joisting between the first floor and attic.


The principle of attic floor insulation
The principle of insulating your attic floor is much like filling a cavity wall. We drill 18 or 22-mm holes in your wooden floor and fill all of the wooden joisting with HR IsoWool. The holes are then neatly covered up.


The advantage of attic floor insulation is that it is less intrusive than, for instance, having the roof insulated. This insulation method is perfect for when you use your attic for storage. Heat is trapped in your home before it even reaches the unheated attic. This will positively affect your consumption of gas.


Questions and quotes
Do you have any questions about or attic floor insulation methods or are you looking to receive a quote? Please contact us, we'll be happy to help.

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