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Cavity wall insulation

You turn up the thermostat, but it seems Supafil_Image-Main.jpgto make no difference, it's not getting warmer. Chances are there is something wrong with your wall insulation. Climate control of your home is very important. For this you do not only need a good heating system, but also proper wall insulation. Wall insulation keeps warmth in and the cold out. Insulating cavity walls is one of our specialist areas. Apart from energy savings - a payback period of less than 5 years is possible - wall insulation also results in a higher level of comfort.


A double wall with a cavity in between (the cavity wall) separates your living room from the outside air. It is important for this cavity wall to be properly insulated, as this will prevent heat loss. With newly built houses, this is taken care of during construction, but with older houses it is often a conscious choice to be made. Cavity wall insulation is a relatively minor modification to your home and its structure, so you do not have to make (many) alterations to your home before being able to insulate.


How does it work and which materials does Pluimers Isolatie use?
Among other things, Pluimers Isolatie IMG_2625.JPGarranges cavity wall insulation. During the cavity wall insulation process, insulation material is injected into the cavity of your home, after which it enters the walls via specially prepared holes. These holes are often not much bigger than the joint and are completely concealed after the insulation process.


Pluimers Isolatie can insulate your cavity wall with HR Isowool, HR IsoPlus and HR IsoPearl. Your house is subjected to a professional endoscopic test - comparable to keyhole surgery - during which the width and suitability of the cavity is measured. We will then advise you about which product to use. The choice of product depends on different factors, such as the position of your house, cavity width, joint width and the condition of your walls. As can be expected from a high-quality insulation business, we hold all the necessary certificates are affiliated with various trade associations such as IKOB-BKB, VENIN and Isolatiewaarborg.


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