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Crawlspace insulation

IMG_2948.JPGPluimers Isolatie uses polystyrene pearls that have a high insulation value. These pearls are blown into cavity walls and used for crawlspace insulation. The pearls act as a moisture repellent, in other words, they do not absorb moisture. They are long-lasting and retain their insulation value at all times. The HR IsoPearl of Pluimers Isolatie is able to withstand mould, moisture and natural acids.


Why apply crawlspace insulation?
Crawlspace insulation is often used for floors that are heavily exposed to damp. When a crawlspace contains a lot of moisture, humidity levels in your home will rise. High levels of humidity will negatively affect both your pattern of heating consumption and your health. Furthermore, insulating your crawlspace ensures cold can no longer rise from the ground to your floor.


More about crawlspace insulation
With crawlspace insulation, we use a special machine to inject the polystyrene pearls underneath your house via the floor hatch. When your crawlspace cannot be accessed via a floor hatch, we can also inject the pearls from outside. We drill a number of holes in the wall, through which the pearls are injected underneath the crawlspace through a hose. Our members of staff closely monitor the process by means of an endoscope inspection.


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