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Exterior wall insulation

FOTO_SPOUWMUUR_088.jpgHow does exterior wall insulation work in existing premises?
In some cases, it is impossible to insulate the cavity of an existing home for the simple reason that it does not have a cavity wall in the first place. Still, people like to be able to enjoy the comfort and energy savings of an insulated home. Pluimers Isolatie can help you out. There are two methods:

1. Exterior wall insulation - outside: Pluimers Isolatie applies a layer of insulation by means of HR IsoPUR 2K. We then apply the desired thickness of PUR foam, after which it must be finished with a new covering panel for your home.

2. Exterior wall insulation - inside: Pluimers Isolatie can also insulate your exterior wall from inside. In that case, the layer of insulation is applied to the exterior wall from the interior of your home. This method does not affect the exterior features of your home so much. With this form of insulation too, it is important for the exterior wall to be finished (with plasterboard for instance) after applying the insulation.


Are you about to build your own home and are looking for the best insulation method?
When you are having a house built,IMG_0762.JPG insulation is one of the many things that require attention. It has to be done once and done well before your exterior walls are finished. Pluimers Isolatie has gained a lot of experience in this field too, thanks to, among other things, collaboration with contractors of development schemes.


We insulate new homes with an HR IsoPUR spray after the bricklayer has constructed the interior wall and the cavity ties have been fitted. The spray is applied against the inner leaf in the desired thickness. Once the insulation process is completed, the bricklayer can build the exterior wall. The big advantage of this insulation method in new homes is the completely jointless effect. You will notice less of this effect when using insulation panels that are secured to the anchors for instance.


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