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  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

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A protective coating on your wall

Due to our maritime climate, a wall has to cope with a large amount of rain. Damp is a major threat to walls and can cause mould, muur_met_roller.jpgthe growth of algae or moss, and frost damage. A damp home is more difficult to heat and thus requires more energy. It is therefore important to protect your home against damp. You can do this by allowing Pluimers to apply a hydrophobic coating (impregnation) onto the surface of your home. For this, Pluimers applies a special cream to the wall of your home. This cream ensures that the active substance penetrates into the wall. Your wall becomes waterproof, but remains damp-permeable. Since water can no longer penetrate the wall, it remains drier so that heat insulation is enhanced.


What is impregnation?
Impregnation is the process of applying a protective coating to a wall. This coating provides protection against penetrating damp and other harmful substances such as acid rain, air pollution and soot pollution. The coating is applied using a low-pressure (airless roller system). The cream is applied to the brick/stone as well as to the mortar, and then penetrates the brick/stone and hardens to provide a protective coating.


Benefits of impregnation:
- Prevents the penetration of damp in brickwork or concrete.
- Prevents the growth of moss, algae, mould, and the adhesion of dirt.
- Prevents frost damage.
- Prevents lime, salt and rust deposits.
- Better insulation as a result of a dry wall.


Duration of action of impregnation:
The duration of action is very long, and is guaranteed for a minimum period of ten years.


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