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HR IsoPlus21

HR_isoplus.pngOne thing is certain: legislation in terms of the insulation value of new homes is not getting any more flexible. On the contrary: developments are heading towards energy-neutral homes, homes with an increasingly better EPC or EPG standard. This has all sorts of consequences for housing corporations, architects and contractors. After all, they will have to meet the continuously stricter insulation requirements regarding new homes.


A revolution: HR IsoPlus21
With HR IsoPlus21, Pluimers Isolatie is raring to accept that challenge. And it is confident too, not least because we, based on our years of experience and expertise in the industrial sector, have converted insulation techniques applied there into an insulation method that is perfect for new homes.


With a view to the high-efficiency insulation effect of that method, we have given it the appropriate name of Pluimers HR IsoPlus21. Very briefly, with this method the insulation is immediately included in the building process with closed-cell and highly insulating polyurethane foam (PUR).


HR IsoPlus21: revolutionary new injection method
That was and is possible by sprayingIMG_2193_gespiegeld.jpg on the interior wall, after which the external wall is built in front of that. But thanks to Pluimers Isolatie, this can now also be done via a new, revolutionary injection method that can be directly applied to the building: HR IsoPlus21.


Our expectations are very high, particularly with regards to this new approach. First, because the insulation is injected in a place where most of the insulating effect can be reached: the shell of the home. If this is insulated well, it will achieve more in terms of energy savings and other relevant yields compared to all other energy generation methods (heat pumps, heat recovery, etc.).


The many advantages of HR IsoPlus21 insulation
The advantages of Pluimers' HR IsoPlus21 are legion. First, the method will guarantee an unprecedented level of airtightness. Its use also facilitates lighter and more restricted structures. This means that this injection method enables architects and contractors to effortlessly follow the increasingly stringent regulations (up to full energy neutrality) imposed by the EPC on new homes.

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