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  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

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HR IsoPlus35

HR_isoplus.pngEnergy prices continue to rise. Savings will always give a fantastic yield.  Pluimers Isolatie has the perfect solution for insulating homes that have particular characteristics.


A special technique: HR IsoPlus35
With HR IsoPlus35, Pluimers Isolatie is raring to accept that challenge. Thanks to the excellent properties of HR IsoPlus35, it is possible to apply an extremely wind-tight and insulating layer. With a view to the high-efficiency insulation effect of that method, we have given it the appropriate name of Pluimers HR IsoPlus35. Very briefly, with this method the closed-cell and highly insulating polyurethane foam (PUR) is applied subsequently.


HR IsoPlus35: revolutionary injection method

The insulation can be applied by meansSpouwmuurisolatie_met_wol.jpg of 14 or 16-mm drill holes, so there will hardly be any damage to the corners of the bricks when pointing is small (tuck pointing or raised and cut pointing). Years of experience have demonstrated this is a proven method that offers lots of advantages. First, because the insulation is injected in a place where most of the insulating effect can be reached: the shell of the home. If this is insulated well, it will achieve more in terms of energy savings and other relevant yields compared to all other energy generation methods (heat pumps, heat recovery, etc.). Also, the method will guarantee an unprecedented level of airtightness.

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