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HR IsoWool

HR_Iso_Wool.pngMineral wool is a high-quality insulating injection wool that is particularly suitable for injection in slightly wider cavities. The mineral wool used by Pluimers Isolatie is virgin wool, which was developed especially for injection applications. The special fibre structure of this mineral wool creates a durable insulating blanket that does not consolidate and is water-repellent.


Injection openings of mineral wool
As for the injection openings for HR IsoWool, which in general need to be slightly wider, like the cavities, we use a number of special techniques that have to ensure that mineral wool can also be successfully applied when pointing is somewhat small(er). The standard drill holes for HR IsoWool are 22mm. Pluimers Isolatie is also certified for insulation with 18-mm drill holes. This enables us to use HR IsoWool in homes with somewhat smaller pointing.


The advantages of HR IsoWool

-HR IsoWool is a product with an excellent price/quality ratio

- Mineral wool is moisture-repellent and vapour-permeable

- The product also has excellent acoustic values

- Maximum fill and distribution in the cavity with no risk of sagging


HR IsoWool also suitable for attic floors

Pluimers Isolatie uses HR IsoWool not just to fill cavity walls. Non-insulated wooden attic floors are also filled by means of this near-equal method. It serves to retain heat at a lower level in the home (instead of insulating the roof) which results in maximum gas consumption savings.


Want to find out more?
Want to find out more about the possibilities and effects of mineral wool? Or do you have any questions about the various injection methods for this type of insulation material? You can contact us for virtually any question; our expert members of staff will be happy to help.

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