• the Pluimers guarantee:
  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

  • The best (jointless) insulation method
  • Considerable savings are realised fast
  • Immediate insulation without the mess

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Cow stables

It is important for cow stables to be insulated, not only to create a controllable and healthy indoor climate for your cows, but also for a positive effect on the outdoor climate. This may be by way of reducing ammonia emissions.


Improved indoor climate of cow stable thanks to insulation

The air supply and extraction via so-called air ducts greatly affect the climate inside the stable, the airtightness of which is essential. The air should not be heated too much, but air that is strongly cooled down is not good for the climate in the stable either.


Jointless insulation with PUR spray

This all demands jointless insulation, and PUR spray will guarantee the best results. This is the only way to guarantee a perfect insulation value and maximum airtightness.
A well-insulated stable benefits your livestock and the environment. Also, insulation can save you hundreds of Euros on your energy bills.

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