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  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

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Poultry stables

Maximum insulation of poultry stables is of vital importance. Take the stables intended for spring chickens and breeding for instance. High stable temperatures are of paramount importance, especially during the first weeks of the cramming and breeding processes. Our jointless insulation with HR IsoSpray and HR IsoPlus is ideal for controlling poultry stable heating costs, which are quite considerably to begin with. One added, but as important advantage is that jointless insulation reduces draughts to an absolute minimum, leading to lower animal losses.


In stables for laying-hens it is equally important to keep temperatures as constant as possible, so jointless insulation is a perfect solution. It prevents temperature fluctuations and as such the risk of lower egg production, poorer fodder consumption and a deteriorated health.

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