• the Pluimers guarantee:
  • the Pluimers guarantee:

the Pluimers guarantee:

  • The best (jointless) insulation method
  • Considerable savings are realised fast
  • Immediate insulation without the mess

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A healthy climate is of vital importance in hospitals, and it must be possible to control that climate by means of the right ventilation systems. Ventilation systems perform best when they do not draw in any false air. Pluimers Isolatie is the perfect solution, thanks to the airtight properties of sprayed insulation. Also, airtightness is a must when you want to prevent contaminations via the air. Sprayed floor insulation is also a popular form to prevent rising damp, creating a better living environment.


A lot of measures can be executed in a way that will hardly inconvenience the client during the insulation process.  This way, you, the client, will lose as little of your valuable time as possible.


Pluimers Isolatie is a specialist in insulating hospitals, using proven materials, techniques and methods. Thanks to our 40 years of experience and in-house experts, we can give you excellent advice.

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